Use Cases


  • Maintenance management
  • Repeating and single tasks into the shift. Consistent task management.
  • Ticket system, optionally with checklists for important tasks
  • Transfer of maintenance reports to SAP
  • Regular checks with follow-up processes in the event of deviations
  • Offline recording of activities on mobile devices with automatic synchronization when the network is available
  • Geo-location search to identify objects in need of maintenance in the vicinity


  • Safety instructions to employees with read receipt
  • Preparation of environmental reports
  • Recording of events in connection with automatically displayed production data from real-time databases such as OsisoftPI, Aspentech IP21
  • Consistent and sustainable logging of all events and information
  • Weak point analysis and continuous improvement
  • Transparent task management and work instructions
  • Simplified and fast communication between all employees
  • Secure communication from one shift to the next
  • Cross-shift summary reports
  • Notification of maintenance requirements to SAP


  • Documented execution of load securing checks
  • Logging and tracking of dangerous goods shipments
  • Incoming and outgoing goods recording
  • Proof of delivery with the help of geolocation (GPS data)
  • Recording and continuous documentation of global movements of goods, incl. Evaluation and optimization
  • Inventory control


  • Security checks on vehicles and machines
    (e.g. ladder exams)
  • Dangerous goods loading inspection
  • Ergonomics checks in the workplace
  • Regular and individual examination of personnel (train driver, cashier, maintenance technician)
  • Action tracking
  • Safety instructions with read receipt


  • Transparency through the management of all nodes, objects or services of a company and their details, regardless of whether devices such as laptops, software versions, license management, network addresses, customer and project relationships, SLAs, contracts, cost centers or areas, and much more.
  • Avoid errors through consistent documentation and traceability
  • Process security through the support of complex and multi-level application and approval processes including responsibility and hierarchy
  • Charging of services to customers, devices or people
  • Consistency and plausibility checks, for example SLA for customer, order and conditions
  • Detailed analysis of all components and their dependencies
  • Complete storage of accompanying information and files
  • Support of the processes for environmental / safety requirements, official notices and sustainability agreements and monitoring of requirements to meet the requirements / standards
  • Forwarding of any information to ERP systems such as SAP

Quality Management

  • Quality support
    • Risk assessment and quality planning
    • Support of individual activities and processes in development, production or logistics
    • Transparency across trades, consolidated in one system
  • Quality controls in the service business, e.g. as construction site tests, route clearance tests, line tests, mast and wall anchor tests, distribution boxes, employee controls, etc.
  • Support of complex work processes and dependencies through automated forwarding of activities after completion of a process step to the next responsibility

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