Finito – digital shift book

The shift log for more safety in the company.

Shift book

All shift events

Shift book

Shift events enriched with machine data. Fully automatic data processing for the shift handover. SAP maintenance messages from the shift event.


Shift overview

Transparency across all layers

Transparency across all layers

Dashboard with a complete shift overview. Configurable collective reports for shift supervisors and operations managers.


Bypass book

Safe bypasses

Bypass book

Secure documentation of electrical and mechanical bridges & bypasses with justification



Informed employees

Instruction book

Permanent instructions to shift workers, optionally with personal read receipt.



ToDos for the shift


Allocation of individual tasks and repetitive tasks for execution in the shift, optionally with checklists.


White board

Information in one place

White board

Important work information clearly summarized. Communication to and for the shift.


Never again loss of information.
Finito – Digital Shiftbook

Shift book on paperPaper shift book

Seamless integration of further use cases

Typical shift book environment

Used by > 1,000 plants worldwide

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Voices of our customers

In a very short time, I have an overview of whether there were any abnormalities or changes in the production process or whether something security-relevant has happened. I can react immediately.

Thomas Born, TOTAL Raffinerie Mitteldeutschland GmbH

New Solutions is used to dealing with manufacturing companies. The specialists speak the same language as we do and also know the risks inherent in changes to such systems.

Reinhard Hofmann, TOTAL Raffinerie Mitteldeutschland GmbH

We decided on the program Finito Digital Shift Book from New Solutions GmbH because of the range of functions and the good price-performance ratio. In addition, the solution is intuitive and therefore very easy to use, which we really liked.

Mario Zeilberger, PC Electric GmbH

That a comparatively inexpensive standard product like Finito would be so adaptable and expandable … I was positively surprised.

Thomas Brodschelm, Alzchem Trostberg GmbH

Optimal support for your shift work:

Finito dashboard

Shift overview

  • Central dashboard with authorization-controlled views for different groups of people
  • Freely definable collective reports for employees, shift supervisors and management
  • All relevant instructions, tasks and information are shown in an overview on one view
  • Filterable reporting periods

Record shift events

  • Shift events and information can be recorded quickly (see demo), optionally also offline via app
  • Simple, easy-to-create templates
  • Generate maintenance messages to SAP PM directly from the shift entry (see demo)
  • Easy linking of instructions, tasks, checklists and shift events
  • Any layer pattern, changing layer pattern
  • Configurable forms and fields to provide further information
  • Easy connection to the process control system (e.g. OSI PI, Aspentech IP21, Honeywell, etc.)
  • Shift entries with attached checklists
  • Standards for end of shift and handover
  • Protocol of the end of the shift
Record shift events
Bridge & Bypass Books

Bridge & Bypass Books

  • Acquisition of electrical and mechanical bridges / bypasses
  • Bridges / bypasses remain active until they are deleted
  • All information is recorded in an audit-proof manner with time stamps

Transparent instructions

  • General instructions to shift workers
    • Operating instructions
    • Safety instructions
    • Hazard warnings
    • Temporary regulations
  • Read receipt as proof of acknowledgment
  • Attachments (documents, pictures, etc.) for instructions
  • Assignment to persons, groups and shifts
  • Validity periods for instructions
Instruction book
Tasks for the shift

Tasks for the shift

  • Creation and assignment of tasks to persons, groups or entire shifts
  • Series tasks for recurring activities
  • Shift-independent task books and to-do lists
  • Attachment of documents and digital checklists to be processed with the task
  • Audit-proof storage of all changes
  • Text modules for simplified creation


  • General collection of materials
  • File attachments
  • Notice board with dates, events etc.
  • Publish general information and documents quickly and easily
  • Time-limited visibility of entries can be set
Personnel planning and skills management

Personnel planning and skills management

Optimized workforce planning and skill management for shift operations with an optional additional module Emplovis

Emplovis vs. Finito

Clear reports

  • Important environmental, production and safety data at a glance
  • Transparency across all businesses
  • Multi-page reports with tables and graphs
  • Dynamic reports, for example with reporting periods that can be filtered according to the situation
Clear reports