Personnel audits

Against human error

Human error is often the single greatest risk to people, the environment and the company. Transport companies must therefore prove, for example, that their vehicle drivers work drug-free. Industrial companies must ensure that their employees know and understand important instructions and environmental regulations. Carrying out and documenting such controls is often a huge effort. In the event of an accident or an inspection, there is always great need when looking for the required evidence. For managers, this burden of responsibility is difficult to bear.

Now there is easy-to-use software to help you do this. The personnel audit based on Checkware and Synoset fits seamlessly into the operational process and ensures 100% traceability in every situation.

Completion during operation

Control audits as part of the operational process. Controls can easily be carried out by team leaders as part of their management work using a mobile phone app.

Because all processes are stored in an audit-proof manner in a central database, management can concentrate on controlling the system. In the event of an accident or an inspection, the company is 100% able to provide information.

100% capable of providing information in the event of an accident or an examination!

Typical test procedures

Starting point

Initiative examination

Single task

Regular checks


(Example of a transport company)

Follow-up activity

In case of deficiency:

  • ticket
  • e-mail
  • Follow-up checklist
  • Other systems
  • No action

Audit-proof storage.

Comprehensive evaluations.

Overview of the test status of the personnel

Example from a transport company

Employee Control Report

Selected qualifications automatically generate regular tests with predefined cycles

Upcoming exams appear as a task in the auditor’s app

All tests carried out can be viewed with drill-down capability

  • Recording of recurring duties
  • Proof of the progress and processing status of each edition
  • Forwarding of checklists to the responsible person

Drag & drop checklist designer

Mobile exams on your mobile phone or tablet, even without network coverage

  • Editing via “app”, also offline.
  • Responsible sends implementation proposals
  • Implementation proposals can be confirmed, rejected or passed on
  • Evidence of implementation can be attached directly to the checklist

Demo anfordern:


Personnel audits with Checkware and Synoset

  • 100% transparency about the test status
  • Audit-proof archiving of all data
  • All test occasions (initiative, individual task, regular tests)
  • Checklists can be conveniently created and edited in the Checkware Designer
Factory tour checklist


Shift books


Shift books, bridge books, instructions and information boards.

More info


Checklists and workflows


Create checklists yourself and roll them out via the app.

More info


Personnel planning & skill management


Shift planning with SAP interface. Skill management. Vacation requests.

More info


Asset and service management


Resource management, property management, ticketing, project control.

More info

Part of your connected worker environment

Checkware and Synoset are used by many customers as a powerful combination.

But they also work seamlessly with the two other products of New Solutions Connected Worker Platform Finito and Emplovis together:

  • When using the Finito shift book Tasks can be integrated into shift operations with checklists and assigned automatically or manually to shift workers.
  • When integrating Emplovis Employee qualifications and certifications can be linked to recertification cycles.

You can get more information about the platform here .



Zufriedene Anwender

In a very short time, I have an overview of whether there were any abnormalities or changes in the production process or whether something security-relevant has happened. I can react immediately.

Thomas Born, TOTAL Raffinerie Mitteldeutschland GmbH

New Solutions is used to dealing with manufacturing companies. The specialists speak the same language as we do and also know the risks inherent in changes to such systems.

Reinhard Hofmann, TOTAL Raffinerie Mitteldeutschland GmbH

We decided on the program Finito Digital Shift Book from New Solutions GmbH because of the range of functions and the good price-performance ratio. In addition, the solution is intuitive and therefore very easy to use, which we really liked.

Mario Zeilberger, PC Electric GmbH

That a comparatively inexpensive standard product like Finito would be so adaptable and expandable … I was positively surprised.

Thomas Brodschelm, Alzchem Trostberg GmbH