Out of concern for employee health, production companies around the world have updated their shift planning and introduced, among other things, contactless shift handovers. So that this process change can be implemented without loss, New Solutions GmbH offers with “Finito” a cross-plant and cross-company digital shift book solution that not only documents all shift-related events in the most precise way, but also offers a detailed view of each individual plant (plant book). Finito is available from the cloud and can therefore be implemented at short notice.

In times of Corona, concern about employee health is fueling the digital transformation worldwide. Manufacturing companies in particular, in which production has to be maintained, have reacted in the past few months with extensive social distancing measures. A central change in the shift planner is the contactless handover from one shift to the next: “If the shift supervisors before Covid-19 exchanged 15 to 30 minutes personally between their shifts, this is often no longer possible today. The individual layers must no longer overlap so that contact between employees can be reduced to a minimum in order to protect against infection “, Thomas Schindler, authorized signatory at New Solutions GmbH in Burghausen.

A look at the electronic shift log replaces personal shift handovers

The personal exchange of information between the shift supervisors will in future be replaced by a look at the electronic shift log or plant log – and solutions are required here with which employees can record and evaluate all shift and plant-related events in a central system in detail, seamlessly and across the company. With its digital shift book Finito, New Solutions GmbH, a medium-sized provider of software solutions for the digitization of business processes on the “shop floor”, offers a modular, web-based and therefore cross-plant and cross-company shift book solution. Finito not only ensures that information, instructions and tasks are recorded uniformly throughout the company in a central shift log, but also enables a detailed view of each individual system in the form of a system log. Shift workers and maintenance workers can access the entire life cycle of each plant using a simple tree structure. In this way, for example, possible causes of errors can be found and corrected more easily. “With Finito, manufacturing companies have a 360-degree view of all the information they need,” adds Schindler.

Available from the cloud, so it can be implemented quickly

Finito has been available as a cloud solution since 2014, so the application can be quickly implemented in any production company. The cloud-based model has proven itself many times and is considered to be particularly secure: the data is transmitted via an encrypted connection to New Solutions’ ISO27001-certified data center in Germany. New Solutions stores entrusted data exclusively in the German legal area and according to German regulations and compliance requirements.


About Finito – Digital Shift Book

The digital shift book “Finito Digital Shift Book” makes handwritten shift logs superfluous and ensures a company-wide uniform recording of information, instructions and tasks in a central shift book. The input is accelerated by text modules, the automated monitoring and recording of measured values (watchdog) and the electronic signature. The shift report serves as a protocol for the shift handover. After the end of the shift, all entries are saved in an audit-proof manner in a central database. Finito has an interface to the SAP maintenance module SAP® PM.

About New Solutions GmbH / Germanedge Group

Since it was founded in 1999, New Solutions GmbH has developed into a leading provider of software solutions for the digitization of production-related processes. With the digital shift book Finito, the company offers a modular, web-based and therefore cross-plant and cross-company shift book solution. In addition, with Checkware, the company offers a software solution for electronic checklists and forms. In addition, New Solutions offers Synoset, software for the holistic management of technical assets for medium-sized companies through to large-scale industry.

New Solutions has been part of the Germanedge Group since 2017. With the SaaS platform EdgeOne, Germanedge offers a platform architecture specially designed for production. It enables you to implement your digital strategy across plants and internationally. EdgeOne integrates services from Germanedge product providers GEFASOFT, New Solutions, Objective, ORSOFT and QDA SOLUTIONS as well as from third-party providers in a Unified Production Workplace, which not only offers a great depth of information, but is also operated by a state-of-the-art user interface with the software application makes it playfully easy. Because ultimately it is the person who will work with the digital production of the future.

Germanedge is already creating the future of networked production together with our existing customers worldwide, thus unlocking the potential of MOM, IIOT and Industry 4.0.


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