New Solutions GmbH, a medium-sized provider of software solutions for the digitization of business processes on the “shop floor”, has expanded its standard checklist program Checkware for use with EX-protected cell phones and tablets. The Industry 4.0-capable application now also optimizes checklist management in potentially explosive areas in refineries or the chemical industry.

Digital checklists are increasingly being used today in hazardous goods and EX protection areas – which is due on the one hand to the number of light and robust EX-protected cell phones and tablets available. On the other hand, the legal requirements in the area of “environmental protection and compliance” have been tightened in recent years so that standardized, revision-proof processes, especially in the area of hazardous goods, are of critical importance to the company in view of the high sums of damage. “Currently more and more companies are considering switching from paper-based solutions to digital checklists,” confirms Christian Ehrenschwendtner, Managing Director of New Solutions GmbH in Burghausen.

The IT company has many years of experience with electronic checklists in the chemical and petrochemical industry. “When we started ten years ago, the first dangerous goods checklists were filled out with explosion-proof devices that weighed over three kilograms and hung on a shoulder strap,” recalls Ehrenschwendtner. “Today’s devices with Android and Windows 10 operating systems are not only significantly smaller and lighter, but also far more powerful. They are therefore much better suited for complex Industry 4.0 applications “.

Digitale Checklisten für EX-Bereiche Zone 2 und Zone 1

Industry app for the central, revision-proof management of checklists
Digital checklists can be used in areas such as loading, production and quality management. When checking dangerous goods by road (ADR) or rail (RID), they ensure that all steps are carried out properly and that errors are avoided. Digital checklists react dynamically to inputs. Data that are not plausible are presented to the employee for re-examination. Depending on the previously acknowledged actions, it is possible to branch into various subsequent sequences.

Electronic checklists also counteract typical “user errors”: Individual points cannot be skipped or accidentally forgotten. There are no illegible entries as they can occur with handwritten lists. With Checkware, controls can be monitored centrally and multilingual forms can be evaluated across locations. Signature fields automatically integrate the name of the responsible employee into the protocol.

Central cross-location checklist management
With Checkware, checklists of all kinds can be created electronically in a standardized form, managed and made available to authorized employees worldwide. The interactive forms adapt dynamically to the respective mobile devices. A powerful synchronization ensures a quick and reliable transmission of the results. All changes are continuously updated and the data is archived in a revision-proof manner in a central database. The data can be exported in various formats for evaluation. A connection to common master data and reporting systems is possible.

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New Solutions has optimized Checkware for use on EX-protected cell phones and tablets. This means that the checklist software can also be used in potentially explosive areas in refineries and the chemical industry. Users can quickly and easily fill out and sign their digital checklists with a fingertip or pen.

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