Occupational safety through preventive fire protection: How digital checklists make regular checks more efficient

Occupational safety is a broad field, which also includes all aspects of operational fire protection. Experience has shown that regular checks of the fire protection specifications and systems increase safety. On the other hand, what is often missing on the operational side is cross-company controlling of the individual measures. Digital checklists and project management tools can help here.

Preventive fire protection includes, in particular, the regular checking of the extinguishing systems – which is usually carried out using checklists. If these are made of paper, some trouble is inevitable: the data recorded is not very detailed, potentially incomplete or illegible, and above all it is not immediately available to other employees/departments. This delays subsequent processes such as repair and maintenance work or the key figure-based, commercial evaluation of the systems. In addition, paper-based checklists do not always reflect the latest legal and technical status.

Digital from the start

In order to ensure the functionality of the extinguishing systems – and thus the safety of the employees – it has proven useful to record the data digitally right from the start: instead of using a clipboard, paper and ballpoint pen, the responsible person fills out the current, system-specific checklist with finger gestures or a pen a standard mobile device. Regular checks in particular can be carried out efficiently, completely and error-free with the help of electronic checklists.

Instructions and logic control

Digital checklists guide even inexperienced examiners safely through the process. They guarantee that nothing is forgotten, no point is skipped or that typos happen. Because a logic check takes place in the background, any incorrect entries are displayed and can be checked again. Handwritten additions can be converted into text using OCR text recognition. Photos are also integrated, as is the signature of the examiner at the end.

Multi-level electronic workflows

At the end of the process, the data is not only available in digital form, it can also be immediately processed by other systems. With the help of multi-level, electronic workflows, the recorded data is forwarded to the responsible employees/departments – also across branches and companies – who check, approve, save, file in an audit-proof manner, evaluate and summarize them into meaningful reports in the desired corporate design as required.

your added value

• Completeness: Individual checkpoints are not skipped or accidentally forgotten

• Clarity: There are no illegible entries as with handwritten checklists

• Efficiency: The information does not have to be entered again on the computer afterwards, but is immediately available in the database after synchronization

• Plausibility: Data that are not plausible are presented to the examiner again

• Up-to-dateness: Auditors always have the current version of the checklist at hand, as it is maintained centrally in Checkware

• Multilingualism: The checklists can be maintained in several languages, which is important for a globally distributed service organization.

Checkware supports you in conducting inspections as part of the operational process

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Part of your connected worker environment

Synoset is used by many customers as a high-performance single product for the administration of notices and requirements.

Synoset also works seamlessly with the three other products of New Solutions Connected Worker Platform Finito, Checkware and Emplovis together:

  • When using the Finito shift book Tasks from the management of notices and conditions can be integrated into shift operation and automatically assigned directly to shift workers.
  • When using the Checkware All tasks can also be sent as self-created checklists directly to the mobile devices of the production employees
  • When integrating Emplovis Employee qualifications and certifications can be linked to the circulation management

Please contact us for more information on Synoset here .

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In a very short time, I have an overview of whether there were any abnormalities or changes in the production process or whether something security-relevant has happened. I can react immediately.

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