Comparison with other Connected Worker offers

The comparison shown here was compiled with the greatest possible care on the basis of information freely available on the web. It is as of August 2021.

New Solutions


ERP provider

Shift books Column 4 Value
Events , Meetings, instructions and tasks Column 4 Value
Alternating shift patterns Column 4 Value 4
Record shift events offline
Team calendar Column 4 Value 4
Simply design checklists and forms
Checklists and tasks available online and offline
Connection to existing HR, ERP and process control systems Column 4 Value 3
Available on premise and in the cloud Column 4 Value 3
Asset management
Projects & cost allocation Column 4 Value 3
Time zones Column 4 Value 5
Ticket system Column 4 Value 6
Responsive design for all surfaces Column 4 Value 7

Used by > 1,000 plants worldwide